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How long have you been in business? I have been in business since 2004, when I opened a home floral business. Then, my husband and I purchased Elizabethtown Florist in 2013, and Posh Posy was born from there as our wedding and events company. In 2020, we closed Elizabethtown Florist and moved Posh Posy to Meadow Summit Commercial Park in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

What services do you offer? We specialize in custom wedding and event floral designs, wedding and event design, planning, and management. We also provide custom Christmas decorating services and special arrangements for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. 

How many events do you take on? We design only one entire production wedding per team per week. 

Do you have budget minimums? Yes. Since we are a custom design company and only serve wedding and event clients, our minimum investment begins at

  • $4000 (2021) – 4500 (2022) for florals.
  • Custom Styling Collection at $1600 (2021) – $1800 (2022)
  • Full Planning and Custom Styling Collection at $5000 (2021)– $5200 (2022)
  • The Wedding Management Collection at $1800 (2021) – $2000 (2022)
  • Intimate elopement or micro wedding collection at $1500(2021) – $1700(2022).

Do you offer payment plans? Yes, each custom proposal has a customized payment plan.

What is your ideal client that you work best with? Our ideal clients are those who value the unity of marriage and family relationships. They appreciate creativity and experiences with those they love. They enjoy opening their home to entertain. They don’t mind the effort it takes to host a party. They are invigorated by being social. They need to be tidy and live among beautiful things and surroundings. They get emotional over romantic things.  They are passionate about fashion and making a first impression. They are productive in life. They work and play hard! They believe that every adventure and opportunity should be a maximal affair. 

When should I book floral services? As soon as possible! Photos are the most treasured mementos years after the wedding, and your flowers work to enhance the memorable images of your big day. Second only to the wedding dress, flowers are one of the most essential elements of your wedding. Therefore, we recommend that you secure your date on our busy calendar right away.

Why are flowers so expensive? Your wedding flowers will be an intricate part of your wedding and an essential accent to your photos. There are several factors that are calculated into the costs, which includes flowers being a perishable product, sourcing from a trusted and reliable grower, as well as additional labor in processing, caring for, shipping, and storing flowers. Additionally, the skills required to produce and install beautiful events and the expenses incurred in practicing business, such as taxes, insurance, transportation, equipment, and rental property, are all calculated into the cost. 

Do you offer packages? As a premier design studio, we prefer to provide collections rather than packages. Our work is custom to each client.

What is a realistic average floral budget? Heart of NC Weddings released an article in March 2021 that breaks down a wedding budget for the average wedding in North Carolina. Follow the link for helpful budget advice. Wedding Budget Breakdown: Average Wedding Costs in NC

Where do consultations take place? Consultations may be conducted over the telephone, video conference, our studio, and/or on-site, depending upon your desired collection.

When can I schedule a consultation? When you submit the contact form from our website, you will receive a link to our calendar to schedule your appointment. 

Who do I bring? We prefer a maximum of two guests to attend with the client. Although we adore children, their attendance sometimes lessens the whole creative experience.

What do I bring? After completing the Event Form, your designer will contact you via phone or email to suggest items you will need at the consultation. For example, we may ask you to bring photos, unique keepsakes, swatches of the bridesmaids’ dresses, etc.

How long is the consultation, and when do I get a proposal? We block one hour for your design consultation. Therefore, you can expect to receive an initial proposal within 5 to 7 business days.

When can I expect a detailed proposal? Once you have reviewed the initial proposal and spoken with one of our consultants about any alterations, you should receive the detailed proposal and/or style guide within 3-4 weeks after signing the contract.

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