The simplicity and flow of our process are similar to how flowers are magic on earth.

What’s your idea? Our team will turn it into a reality. You can expect an easy and fun experience from start to finish as we guide you through the creative design process with confidence that everything is perfect for what makes both of y’all feel happy on such special day!

Finding the perfect floral design for your big day has been your wish since you first started looking at wedding dresses. But, of course, you want everything to be just right, and with so many options, it can feel daunting to figure out which direction will work best for you! Luckily we’re here now as Posh Posy – let us help bring those ideas into reality by guiding you through four simple steps on how our creative process works:

Our team is ready to create a celebration that will blossom and bloom into the wedding day of your dreams. Let’s start!

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No. 1

Begin with a Plan

The initial phone consultation will help us understand your wishes for the event. We want to create a unique event that reflects you and your dreams. You can rely on our experience and passion for making this a memorable and exciting time for you.

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No. 2

We help you see what you want.

You will be receiving a proposal soon in your inbox. Wedding plans can take anywhere from 7-14 days, depending on the extent of your design. The plan will have stunning images, exquisite color palettes, and brimming blooms!

We will continue to work on your design ideas as we move through the stages of the design process. Each detail you choose will reflect the love, faith, festivity, and beauty you are known for from beginning to end.


No. 3

We help you achieve your expectations

We offer high-quality support, guidance, and communication to help you achieve the expectations of your wedding day. Our team of experts will help you plan the perfect event, ensuring no details are missed. After a tour of your chosen venue, we’ll schedule a presentation of your event design. You can then participate in a virtual meeting or visit our studio.

Remember that Posh Posy is a team of design professionals who will help you plan your wedding. First, You will be assigned one designer to help you from start to finish. Then, you and your designer transfer into a team of designers 90 days before your wedding, depending on the scope of your wedding details. This way, you can relax and know that we are devoted to making your wedding perfect.

No. 4

You achieve your vision.

You will finally get to see your design come to life! Guests will experience every detail that you have put into your celebration. With every flowery encounter to the day’s finale, you and your guests will get a chance to witness the beginning of your family’s legacy.

Are you ready to start planning your floral arrangements and design with Posh Posy?

Best blooms to Your Upcoming Wedding!

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