Planning a beautiful wedding starts with just 4 Steps!

We believe that a family legacy begins with a wedding. This legacy rests on a solid foundation built with beautiful things created from your personalities, important family relationships, life experiences, and above all, your faith, hope, and love.

Posh Posy’s design process takes you through four steps to help you express your expectations so we can bring them to life.  Even if you’re feeling indecisive, our stress-free method, will allow you to be as involved as you would like, and we can help guide you through the process. In fact, our sweet spot is to take your ideas and turn them into a surprise and delight for you. Our team stands ready to help you create a celebration that will blossom and bloom into the wedding day of your dreams. 

No. 1

Let's Talk About You

We’ll begin by cultivating your design ideas with some modest homework that delves into your dynamics. After that, your wedding details will become the focal point for your design process. As we move through the stages of the design process, your personalities and cherished moments will organically infuse the selection of your team of wedding professionals and design style to line up with your preferences.

No. 2

Let's Write Your Wedding Day Story

Your consultant can schedule a venue tour at this time. After the tour, we’ll schedule a descriptive presentation of your design story. You can choose to participate in a virtual meeting or come to our studio. 

Next is the unveiling of your design. Depending on your design’s intensity, it will take 7-14 days to build your personalized plan. Your designer will then present a proposal of stunning images, exquisite color palettes, and a trustworthy team of wedding professionals. Each detail that you described thus far will add charisma and reflect your whole story in the proposal. 

Finally, unity, perception, contentment, and order will bring it all together. When you come for a feel, touch, and see consultation, you will experience the design features for your special day.

No. 3

Let Us Take It From Here

As professional consultants, our goal is to serve you with a high standard of support, stewardship, and communication to guide you through all your options.

No. 4

You Enjoy the Moments

We will be visiting your inbox soon, where you will receive timelines, floor plans, confirmation emails, and options for heaps of blooms!  Relax, Laugh, Drink and Be Merry in a string of precious moments that you will never forget.  Here’s to an experience that won’t be short-lived!

Blooms and Cheers to You!

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