Southern brides often incorporate peonies into their bridal bouquets – no wonder why! Known as the ‘flower of riches and honor,’ these beautiful blooms add a special touch to any wedding. Peonies come in many colors, but shades of pink usually signify admiration or even love – perfect for a lifelong marriage! They may also be available in white, symbolizing innocence and hope for the future.


Aside from their meanings, peonies are adored for their classic beauty and timeless elegance. Their lush petals and vibrant colors make them perfect for any bride’s ensemble. They can also be used throughout your wedding décor to bring your vision to life. From centerpieces to aisle markers, peonies will add an air of romance wherever they go!


Nothing is more important than finding something that reflects your style – especially on your special day. Peonies have remained popular for southern brides for generations, making them a timeless symbol of romance and prosperity!